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Handcrafted Grenadine Syrup 8 Oz

Handcrafted Grenadine Syrup 8 Oz

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One 8 oz bottle of handcrafted Grenadine Syrup made with pure pomegranate juice, granulated sugar, and bitter orange blossom essence. This is NOT your grandma's store-bought grenadine! A splash added to your favorite cocktail or mocktail will rock your glass for sure. Shirley Temple would be proud.

Made with real fruit, may contain some fruit sediment or pulp - shake well before use and refrigerate after opening.

NOTE: Syrups are only available for local pick-up. Shipping is currently not available. PLEASE CHOOSE "PICK UP" AT CHECK OUT, OR GET IN TOUCH WITH US FOR OTHER DELIVERY OPTIONS.

8 oz Bottle $12.00

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