About Citrus + Flor

Welcome to Citrus + Flor! I'm Monica, the designer and maker - and I'm so glad you're here.

C+F is a collection of thoughtfully curated gifts and culinary goods including a small batch selection of gourmet jams that are hand-crafted from all-natural or mostly organic ingredients. Some of our products are even grown on our property here in Southern California where we raise a variety of citrus, avocados, and assorted flora without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We are a registered cottage food kitchen.

Whether it's our signature Guac Box for that newlywed couple, unique jams and preserves for your cocktail charcuterie board, handcrafted beverage syrups as a hostess gift, or a perfectly coordinated birthday gift box for that pal on the other coast - you'll love what we've made or picked!

We do the making, the gathering, the shopping, the packing and the shipping ... down to the detailed hand written note if you'd like. And you get all the credit. We hope you love what we have to offer, from our hands to yours. May you find joy and blessings in every detail!