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Hand Crafted Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate 16 oz

Hand Crafted Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate 16 oz

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The most perfectly ripe locally grown strawberries, pure cane sugar, and the juiciest hand-pressed lemons are so good in this syrup concentrate, it's like a California summer in a bottle! Add a 1:3 measurement to sparkling seltzer and ice, ginger ale, filtered water ... or use it to make the perfect skinny strawberry margarita. Either way, you'll want to lie in the grass all day while sipping this goodness in the warm sunshine!

Made with real fruit, may contain some fruit sediment or pulp - shake well before use and refrigerate after opening.

NOTE: Syrups are only available for local pick-up. Shipping is currently not available.

Half-Pint 16 oz Bottle $16.00

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